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Mindy, an Expert in Travel to Italy

Mindy Milliron at Travel Place Bethesda
Phone: 301-656-4060 x25

My husband and I had decided to plan our first trip to Italy. Friends recommended a travel agent who, since we met with him 3 months earlier, had not booked the trip nor advised us of what we were committing to financially.

I called Mindy at Travel Place Bethesda. They referred us to her as an Expert in Travel to Italy. In less than 48 hours, Mindy had our trip planned and the cost of the package. WE WERE STUNNED!!! Here we had just wasted 3 months waiting for this travel agent with all kinds of awards all over his walls, and Mindy did it in the blink of an eye. We reviewed everything, looked at all of the hotels online, and then we reserved and paid for everything. She wrapped this up IN 5 DAYS!

We are thrilled with Mindy’s itinerary and all of her efforts to make our trip memorable. She even sent a reading list for us! She went above and beyond, and she took the "extra steps" that mean so much. As a retired Executive Human Resources Professional, she is exactly the type of person I would snatch up! We think Mindy "Hung The Moon"!

I highly recommend Travel Place Bethesda!!

Karen C.
Cranford NJ

Karen Kephart is amazing!!! 

Karen Kephart at Travel Place Potomac
Phone: 240-387-4160

I have to share with you, that Karen Kephart is amazing!!! 

I referred some friends for vacation travel to her. They are overwhelm with her, knowledge, friendliness and professionalism ! They Love Her !  They  thank me every time I talk with them, and can’t say enough about Karen, which is no news to me, I adore her too.. They are so excited about their trip, and already can’t wait to plan another with her.  They are frequent travelers, looking for a good agent, Karen has them now for life.


Diane Laubach
Phone: 240-387-4060

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the professional services provided by Diane Laubach. My wife and I have known Diane and relied on her for our rather extensive business travel for years (since she was with NCP). Diane understands our travel needs and preferences, our ability to be flexible at times to obtain a better fare, what types of seating arrangements we prefer, what flight options we will consider, our car preferences, etc….i.e., she KNOWS us. She also handles the occasional travel arrangements of several of my business associates.

Diane is very efficient, always has a nice/pleasant attitude with a warm laugh (even when I call her at 5:28 on a Friday J), and handles our requests in top notch fashion – In short, she is an excellent travel agent…

I just wanted you to know how much we value her and appreciate doing business with the Travel Place because of her.

Best regards and Happy Holidays,

Smart Travelers Like Travel Place

Tammy Sivers
Phone: 240-387-4031

Dear Tammy,

Michele and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and the effort that you spent planning our vacation in Jamaica. The travel arrangements as well as the hotel accommodations were handled flawlessly. There is no question in our minds that the use of a travel agency such as Travel Place definitely can and perhaps did make the difference between a nice vacation and one that is exceptionally and meticulously put together, thus maximizing the travelers most pleasurable experiences.

From the travel upgrades to the subtle extras that we received at the hotel as a result of your hard work on our behalf, we can say with certainty that using your agency most certainly made a world of difference and a vacation that we will always cherish and appreciate.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and for your consideration to every travel detail.

~ Bobby & Michele G

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